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JDB reporting 120 day Late


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Well, here's my explanation (based on experience rather than an actual law)..."lates" are a status as well as an "event". When you miss a payment, your reports are marked as 30 days late...from then on, that month has a status of "Late 30". That status for that month doesn't change.

When a JDB buys a debt, they buy it with the status it had when it was sold. Since most CRA software really only uses a code (i.e., 1 = Late 30, 2 = Late 60...up to 4 = Late 120) for status, that's the "latest" status you can get".

So therefore, the JDB reports the status code the debt had when they bought it. Are they reporting accurate info? Well, maybe not, but the only real information of consequence is DOFD with the OC.

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