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R-9 versus R-UR credit rating


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I think I asked the forum about this a while back and no one seemed to know the answer, the same for another forum..... anyhow, I spoke with a CA today that told me that if the rating of R-9 was showing up for a charge offed account, and that if it has been settled, it should show up as an R-UR which translated to unrated. I just thought that this was interesting to know and look for on my settled accounts.

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UR = unrated, not derogatory.

9 = chargeoff.

However, a paid chargeoff or collection still shows as a 9, I believe.

Rating Description

R0 or I0 Too new to rate

R1 or I1 Current

R2 or I2 30 days late

R3 or I3 60 days late

R4 pr I4 90 days late

R5 or I5 120+ days late

R7 pr I7 Payment Plan

R8 or I8 Repo

R9 or I9 Charged off/Collection

Note that these are the older system, and I don't believe it's used any more for reporting. What is used is a much richer system that distinguishes between paid chargeoffs and chargeoffs.

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