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Something about Experian....


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Hi folks----I just wanted to post something about Experian.....

I called Experian today to get a couple of issues taken care of----one was to have the FA alert removed from my CR and the second was to dispute some inquiries.

I called the first time, and spoke to some dimwit----literally, a dimwit. She was SOOOOO unwilling to help me, and I started yelling at her on the phone. The issue with the fraud alert was that I wrote a letter to EX with copies of my driver's license, SS card and phone bill, and received a letter back from them saying that the information was not requested by me (????). So, this bitch would not say anything except "Send it again". So---I went nutso and kept asking her to speak to someone who could help me, and this woman just kept parroting "Send it again". I SENT THE F***ING THING ALREADY!!! Furthermore, she would not help me at all with the inquiries, just saying that I have to contact the entity that made the inquiry......Her voice sounded like she was stoned and could not give a **** if the building was on fire.

So, frustrated beyond belief, I hung up.

Then I called again.

A lovely woman answered the phone, and immediately transferred me to "special services", where an even MORE lovely woman proceeded to help me. She went back into the files and found the letter I wrote, requesting that the FA be removed, with the copies of the license, SS card and phone bill, and she removed the FA!! She put the disputes in for the items in question, and she was SOOOO helpful!!! As bitchy and unhelpful as the first (rag) woman was, this woman was a hundred times as helpful!!!

So---the moral of this story is if you call and get the bitch who won't help, hang up and call back to get the lovely woman who WILL help. The first bitch I spoke to should have known to transfer me to "special services" when I asked to speak to someone else........

I guess as in all fields of service, you have lazy, do-nothing, miserable wretches who are as helpful as a rash----and then you have people who take pride in what they do, who are truly helpful and do the best they can to provide their service to you in the most kind and considerate manner possible.

I should have gotten the bitch's full name and number and reported her to EX---she doesn't deserve a job there. Give the job to someone who needs a job, and who REALLY WANTS TO WORK!!! There are plenty of people out there who need a job right now, and who would be as happy as a clam to have one working for EX----give them a chance and get rid of the dead wood.

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Yeah, the people at EX are just gems. Just remember for future reference, if you have an FA or need one, always make sure to get transferred to "Special Services" since they deal with the accounts associated with FAs. Now that your FA was removed, you will have to deal with all future issues with the wonderful CSRs in your first attempt to have the FA removed. GL on that one! :D

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