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Credit spree currently underway - status report

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A bunch of us are doing the same thing here. I'll speak only for myself. I wish all of you better luck. I am expecting a rash of rejection letters in my mailbox any day now.

I have applied for: (if I can even remember - I have been a very bad girl)

E*trade Visa

Partners First or whatever it's called, I saw a Citibank inq. EX 10/20

Cabela's (already started getting their junk mail, now they'll diss me by rejecting me, like I can buy from them but not on credit) EQ inquiry on 10/15, but no inq. yet from WaMu, who they passed it on to - maybe WaMu is rejecting me through internal check because I already have two cards with them.

I guess that was it, but I didn't get an instant "no" from any of them. I have no answers from any of them. My hopes are dim, though.

Hey, wait, the E*trade inquiry was on 10/10 (EX). Shouldn't they have told me off by now? But I just opened a bank account there and I think they'd be telling me, "register your credit card too" if I they were going to give me one. They're usually on top of linking all accounts :| They sure are taking their time to send me a "no" letter.

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Um, well, I'm not defending this as the right path for anyone, but I guess I'm a bit of a credit whore. Seriously, though, I get some security from feeling like I could access money in an emergency if I had lots of credit lines from which to draw. I'm sort of a financial loser right now and don't have much on the positive side of the balance sheet so I feel better the more credit to draw on that I have.

My plan is to eventually close out cards I don't need and let the better cards grow in their credit limits so that I have a few great cards with huge credit lines. I've done this in past, too. I had a slew of little sub-prime cards and I closed many of them out (Orchard, Household, Applied Card, and some others I forgot the names of.)

It's probably better to just be glad I have a few great cards and not go courting the shadier ones, but I guess I can't help myself. :oops:

** I also have to add that I just moved bank and brokerage to e-trade because I'm trying to consolidate my banking into one place, and it makes sense to have a credit card there, too - easy to manage everything on one place. So if the others might not be the best idea, that one is, I think. :)

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I got the E*Trade rejection just now in the mail. The reason:


Can't say that I've ever seen that reason. And for what it's worth, I've had nothing so much as a 30-day late in well over two years.

I'm sure they have their reasons to rate me so low. Well, that makes me all the more determined to get that card.... someday.

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