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Judgment after 4 years???

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Good day all,

I have a couple of questions about judgments for anyone who may know. I was involved in an accident back in 09/1998. My insurance had lapsed therefor I was not covered. In 9/2002 a judgment was ruled against me for $53,000 without my knowledge. In 5/2004 my license was suspended due to this judgment. I am trying to get my life back together now and make right what I can.

I am curious how long someone can wait after an incident before filing for judgment? Also wondering what the best approach is to getting something like this cleared up? $53k is an awful lot of money that I don't have. However, I need my license so I can drive to my new job. Oh.. I live in Utah if this helps.

Thanks to everyone in advance!!

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Your only hope is a Ch 7 BK. If the judgment is unenforceable due to BK, you should be able to get your license back.

X2. Had a similar issue myself.

You basically need a "proof of satisfaction" letter from the court that issued the license sanction.

There are several ways that letter can be obtained. Paying it, Bankruptcy, settlement, getting it vacated, etc...

In Oregon, one can get license reinstated after 10 years without judgement satisfaction. May want to check your states rules.

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To answer your question for how long do they have to file a suit. The SOL for Utah says that it needs to be done within 4 years the accident or injury occurred. Here is a link for all states since it differs for each one.


As for how to handle this, you may well be stuck having to settle, pay, or file BK to clear this up. You won't be able to get your license back without satisfying the judgment. Even then, you will need to supply an SR-22 to prove you have insurance before they will approve the reinstatement after the satisfaction has been documented. If at any point you do not carry insurance/the SR22, your license will again be revoked immediately.

Hope this helps.

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