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Hi everyone!

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Well. as far as my update goes... I figured I would stop by and say hi and fill you all in on what I have been doing since becoming a slacker when it comes to CIC

I moved twice

I began the process for filing BK

the lawyer I started with took all my money and ran so i couldn't afford to file again cause the last lawyer had my mulah

I got fired (and if I didn't live in a right to work state I would be a very rich miracle!)

I lost my car

I got dumped

I fell in love

I got a new job

New job gave me a car

I got a laptop (also via new job)

I started taking yoga again

I have been spending much time in the mountains

I have been traveling very little :(

and I finally got to see Fireworks this summer! :) woo hoo!

how is everyone else doing????

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hehe.. yes indeed :)

Though.. even if I needed a job to fall back on I could have always gone back to insurance.

But... I stayed with autobody/ auto glass. woo hoo :)

Good to see ya DHK! How is life treating YOU? :)

Still building up my practice... although I must admit that I feel that the "Pursuit of Happyness" could describe my life except for three areas:

1) I'm not homeless

2) I've still got my car

3) My wife and kids are still with me.

Still have all the same struggles as Chris Gardner, but I have no doubts that I'll be able to get through this rough patch in my life.

Otherwise, I'll have to repeat it again some year... and the kids will be older and need even more money to keep happy!

So basically, I'm pursuing my dreams and we will prevail!

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Bumpy- yea.. they probably DO know one another! I miss you guys too! Part of my stayed away because my finances and credit are in such disarray and such a mess that it is shameful.... but that is how it goes in life sometimes. hmm.

DHK! What a great attitude to have! You are very very right :)

Congrats on pursuing your dreams! :)

((BIG HUGS))) to you both!

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