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I have just started this process, have read credit is sexy, purchased the work book, and trying to get free copies of CR.

I moved to a new state about 8 months ago, leaving behind a mailbox full of collection letters, of which I am still afraid to total.

Today, I get a letter from Northland Group Inc. They claim to have a balance of $10XXX.99 from an old CIG account. They are already offering to settle for 5,XXX.XX whch is great news, but as near as I can tell from the Experian report, Northland must be the third to buy the loan because it is listed under SST/Columbus Bank and Trust.

status: transferred, closed/Account-charged off, $10,XXX written off.

Date opened: o4/2001

Reported since: 06/2000

Date of status: 04/2008

Last Reported: 04/2008

Account History: 30 days as of Jul,2005 July, 2004 (and on up to 2006)

Am I correct in assuming the SOL starts July, 2005? if so, why has it been reported since 06/2000? and why is that date almost a year before it was opened?

The more I look at all this, the more crooked the whole list seems.....

Apreciate any suggestions and direction....

Great site you have here, wish I would have found it, (or looked for it) years ago....

PS. Would it be safe to copy the letter you get from Social Security with all your lifetime earnings on it and sending it along with an offer to settle? In the last 5 years I show a total of around $40,000.00. I have been having some real bad luck, but have come along a little cash and would like to start cleaning things up.

Think this Northlund Group would take a $2,000.00 settlement??

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