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FYI to all...W&A is merging with Mann-Bracken

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W&A just filed a dismissal w/o prejudice, which I can't even argue against in court now, since it is now out of the judge's jurisdiction.

In the dismissal form, they stated they are filing under Mann-Bracken, a successor by merger of Wolpoff & Abramson.

So in case you are being sued by W&A, you may be receiving a dismissal request yourselves, if you chose to fight it and submitted the appropriate answers, conference letters, etc.

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I successfully fought W&A and judge ordered Dismissal without prejudice and would not consider another Motion to do so - unfiled as I couldn't appear yet another time in court - so I agreed to W&A's Discontinuance without prejudice.

Also asked judge about sanctions to which he responded "That's a good question!"

Any recourse?

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