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Does combining these methods work? Is this process right?


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A few important questions......(that may help others too)........

1) After the intial "Not Mine" disputes on 1st round, during 2nd round is it ok to re-dispute for removal with expanded reasoning AND ask for the MOV?

2) IF DV is untimely...meaning they haven't sent you anything or called you for 2 years but the collection is still reporting recently to the CRA's and will still remain for almost 4 more years, would it still be effective to Validate at that point? If so, at this point if they report to the bureaus and VERIFY items after this request is fulfilled is it still a violation?

3) Is this process a good one? (generally speaking...depending on what happens of course)

- Dispute round 1 - "Not Mine" "Not Late"

- Round 2 - disputes, expand reasons and MOV, 623

to OC, DV to CA

- Round 3 - Re-dispute with yet more reason change

and DV follow-up

- Round 4 - final DV follow-ups a little more

threatening to complain to FTC, ACA, BBB, and

Attorney General for violations if not removed -or

initialize Debt settlement process if no violations

I am just trying to get a generalized outline that includes all the usefull techniques found on the site in some sort of chronological order as they should be used.

I would greatly appreciate all the info and opinions I could get from anyone who might have some good insight!:lol:

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There is no one-size-fits-all answer to your question.

Not mine is a good start when disputing because you don't have to show your cards to the CRAs. Usually, I fire up 623 letters at the same time to OCs and CAs.

When you re-dispute the same account, the CRAs may or may not re-investigate if you do not provide any evidence, many times they consider it a frivolous dispute.

A MOV can be a second good step, though you have to word it very carefully because CRAs routinely interpret it as a re-dispute and sometimes treat it as a frivolous request to re-investigate the same issues.

Depending on how much leverage you have, like is the account out of SOL, and what information they verified even though it is false (and you can prove it), did they mark it as disputed, and what kind of DF you are dealing with OC/CA, etc..., your next step will vary.

If they refuse to correct the info or delete it, I file complaints with AG (in my state and theirs), BBB, FTC and with ACA (when dealing with CAs).

I'm not sure I follow your second question. Either you DV'd within 30 days of their original dunning letter or you did not (in which case you are out of luck if you do not live in a state that allows DV at any time). So I'm guessing you are talking about a CA that never contacted you and just decided to report. In that case, I call them on the phone, let them know this is my initial communication with them and that they have to send me a dunning letter (so I can DV them).

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