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EQ Report 'vanishes'


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Hi All! DH has an extended FA on his reports (due to actual fraud). Everything was fine, until we got notice from his bank that someone had stolen the computer that had the bank's customers' information on it. Sigh....

Well, the bank sent us a letter stating we could get free EQ 3-1 gold for one year. He tried to set it up online... no go. He called EQ... they lost his file. Ok............ they finally 'find' him and he finally gets online. Now, EQ isn't showing up on chase identity, and he can't update his EQ..... he called EQ .....they 'lost' him again and he's angry. Not only did we work so hard this past year to fix his credit... but it's finally fixed... and *poof*.

Anyone here have any idea why?

PS: EQ is so clean, it squeaks when you touch it. It's a conspiracy I tell ya! A conspiracy!

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