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How can EX still be in business???

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I have a collection account that has the wrong DOFD reported. The DOFD is Nov 2000 and they have it listed as Aug 2002. I have a statement and charge off letter to prove the correct DOFD. I have contacted the CA and even sent them the statement and letter.

I have requested a FCRA 623 investigation about 4 time from them now. I never hear back at all. I even specify the DOFD as the reason for the dispute. I know they don't have anything on the account because ....

In 2005 they sewer serviced me and got a default judgement. I went down and got a copy of the case file and they have an "account history" in the file. The statements I have and the charge off letter prove they made the "account history" up to file for the judgement. Anyways .....

I send EX and TU a couple statements and the Charge Off Letter and then I wait a couple days and file an online dispute. TU deleted the account over night. EX sends me the same old "We have already investigated..." BS that they always send me regarding this TL. But I did provide proof this time but they wont even reinvestigate. I filed with the BBB on the CA and they haven't responded to that either, even though they had a good rating with them. I know that doesn't mean anything but....

How can I get EX to re-investigate?


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If you have proof, why haven't you gone to the courthouse and filed against the CA? A summons will get their attention. For something like this, small claims will do.

I'm not too keen on the legal stuff and a lawyer will cost too much. I tried reading the Rules for Civil Procedure but it kind of sounded like chinese to me :(

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