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Aloha for Hawaii


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first timer, pls b nice. it is now 137pm. in HI. jus wanna 2 drop a line 2 every1 out there. i need to hele[ "hay- lei " ( means "go" ), but i'll get back online 2 morrow and ask toooooooo much questions.

o ya, the collection agency here in HI ( i think its a 3rd party collection agency ) did file papers in court-- recvd a summmons to appear, did that, and had a pre-trial 1 month later, and appeared again, spoke with a so-called lawyer from the firm[ never heard of him], judge asked him 2 send a settlement letter, -- i 1st offer was 1400 for a 14K9[so they said]. told judge it was a credit card bill. need to go back for more mediation, in 1 month, so i need 2 go back again on 11.25.08 :confused:

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