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Buyer beware, PM123 charged a whole year

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I could not remember when I got PM123,k well low and behold today I got slammed with a years worth of prepaid service, almost 360.00...

When I called they said it's in our terams of service you agreed to, you just got 1 full year for 29.99...I said I had not used the service in months and would like a refund as I did not intend on using it again ever...

They almost refused to refund, I hung up and disputed with my CC company...

So beware if you fell for the 1 year for 1 monthly payment...

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They tried the same with me. Good think it was linked to my old credit one card.. closed/paid for almost 9 months now. I got a nasty e-mail. pay us to contiune..

ya.. I know.. I have been gone a long time. The birth of my son, working 2 jobs and running a truck to Chicago and back on the weekends will do that to a guy. :(

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