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Have chase card - 3 yrs - no CLI in 2.5 - said no?

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Any ideas on what to do?

DH has a chase card. 1200 CL. he has had it for 3 years now, never asked for a CLI. well i see the power button on the online account, so i say hey, lets give it a try.

get a letter in the mail says no because not enough credit history, too many inqs.

what gives?

he has never been late, or over the limit in 3 yrs! and his credit report is immaculant. perfect. not one baddie ever.

should he recon this? do you think it would work???

theyve never even given an auto CLI

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They gave you the reason- not enough history and too many inquiries- how many iquiries does he have? I would call and ask the to reconsider--AS LONG AS NO ADDITIONAL PULL IS DONE- you can use your denial to get a free credit report= banks are getting tougher-personally I'd bitch them out about receiving my tax money for bailouts while giving their bosses tons of money- i fired chase auto loan and bank for that reason- I'm done with big banks and use NFCU and local credit unions from now on. i wouldnt fire the card-3 years is awesome- but id sockdrawer it

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