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I found some kiddie pr0n on a computer today

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I was working and stripping a laptop someone abandon in my shop, it was not worth fixing so he left it about 6 months ago and I stripped out the dvd drive, the memory and then I was going to format the drive...

I put the harddrive in my shop computer and norton went wild...started popping up with viruses....so I decided to see what was causing all the problems...and I found about 30 movies some showing kids as young as 6....I thought I was going to be sick.

I called the county attorney, a friend of mine...he said call the Sheriff.

I went by and saw the undersheriff and told him. He said he will come by tomorrow...it is illegal to even view the images let alone save them to a hard drive.

The whole kicker that blew me away, was the guy was advertising he was a DJ and Karaoke for birthday parties...who hires a dj??? kids birthday parties!!! I was hopping mad...what a bunch of bull****...

I hope they act on this, I'll let you know tomorrow.

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I certainly don't intend to defend the scum, but I did see something on TV that the distributors or real pros at KP can actuall hide their goods in OTHER peoples computers and access them any time. That way if they get busted, the evidence is not on their PC. Not sure it is true. It went on to say that you could download a picture of a landscape and that the "real" picture can be encrypted to hide within the picture being viewed. MAYBE that is what was discovered...or he is sick and needs to be shot.

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First off...when I read the title, I thought YOU were the sicko...:shock: Im thinking, "Whats with this creep? Not only is he a perv but he's advertising it!" :roll:

Anyway, I find this highly disturbing to say the least. Makes me so mad, why do people have to be so sick? Seriously, who gets off on that? I dont understand it. xSteaminx

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Your comment about finding viruses associated with these movies reminded of a story...


This was back in 2003. I can't imagine how much more prevalent this could possibly be now given the way these criminals operate...

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