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Do you know your PLUS score?


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Just for laughs, I clicked on the ad on the main CIC site for a FREE credit score. It turned out that it was a link to freecreditreport.com

I think CIC makes money off these ads by the redirected hits so feel free to click the ad and sign up. :p

I actually did this a long time ago about 4 years ago. I'm not sure I can't remember. I even remember forgetting to cancel before my card was charged. I probably should have saved this for later as some kind of back door, but oh well. It seemed to be as accurate as my already obtained CRs, the one thing I noticed that was different is that it shows what type of company made each inquiry. Wireless telephone providers, tenant screeners and so forth.

When I checked my CR there about 4 years ago, my credit was "very poor". This is probably because I never had a credit card until this past April. When I got to the credit score section, I couldn't help, but laugh. It's 717! booyah!! :lol:


If you're new and sign up, please don't use their dispute link in order to file an investigation. Write letters to the CRAs instead.

So now I know my credit scores for about 5 different scoring models.

Last time I checked,


FICO ® 632

Credit expert 629



Credit karma 678


PLUS 717

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Just to be sure, you do realize, don't you that the freecreditreport.com offer "applies with enrolllment in triple advantage"...meaning that you're going to get charged for this, right?

I would get charged if I don't cancel in time right? Yes I knew that.

They offer your Experian CR and score for free for the first 7 days, but if you don't cancel by the end of the 7 days then they do charge you. I did it like 4 years ago. I just thought it was funny that the score they gave me was 717. :p

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How long after you cancel your free trial do you have to wait to try it again for free?

I'm not sure. I just canceled and they wanted to offer the service for $9.95 for 6 months. I thought about it and still said no. It has a pretty cool layout and one thing I found interesting was that they showed the types of companies doing each inquiry such as wireless telephone providers, tenant screeners and so forth.

I was also able to download the printable CR in .pdf format. :) So if you need a quick glance at your EX CR then this could work for you.

I also think it's funny that there are so many different scoring models.

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