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Landlord Suits Satisfied with Stip but Listed Under Lien/Jugments

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Had a history of late payments that led to many Summons for Demand of Payments served by my former Landlord. Each time as agreed with the rep Attorney, we entered into a Stipulation of Settlement and I satisfied each one 100% with the exception of the last one that ultimately led to my eviction.

In reference to all my satisfied Stips, to my understanding as long as the Stipulation of Settlement is satisfied I thought no judgment is to be entered. Stated on my Stip copies I still have "...Upon payment of the arrears (Par. 2) the judgment for possession shall be deemed void and the Complaint dismissed." However, appearing on my credit report Under a sec titled "New Liens/Judgments are double entries of "Landlord Tenant Suits" in addition to "Civil New Filings" noting the same Doc# for most every Summons ever issued. Some docs are listed twice as in Landlord Tenant/ Landlord Tenant:Civil New Filing/Civil New Filing - same date/same doc#s. In addition there is a new section I never seen listed on the credit report entitled "Changed Liens/Judgments under which I have only one Doc# listed as: Civil Dismissal to the right of "Filing Type".

This is the first year I've ever seen my Landlord/Tenant Suits appearing on my credit file. The clerk at the court told me that this is now the new procedure since employees are now pulling credit files as a criteria for hiring. Now any and all matters of court filings must be reported on all person's credit file. The clerk also informed me that they may very well not have any records of my Doc#'s (over two years old) since they are only obligated to keep records for two years.??? Hmmm can't you hear me silently preparing to shout then take it off since you can't verify it!!!! :rolleyes:

The clerk went on to say I was supposed to be issued a satisfaction of judgment with each paid Stip. The landlord's attorney did not give me this and nor did the court inform me upon any of my appearances. But why and how could my landlord file a civil suit in addition to a landlord tenant suit when we went into a settlement? The only reason to do the civil suit is for money owed. For all my satisfied Stips there was No Money owed. Do I put in a request to get satisfaction of judgments or simply move to vacate the Civil Suit Filings and Landlord Suits since my stipulations do verily read:

"Upon payment of the arrears (Par. 2) the judgment for possession shall be deemed void and the Complaint dismissed..."???

Please Help!!!!:confused:

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