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What should the TradeLine read for Paid as Agreed or Charged off Debt?


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Preparing to tackle my credit report and I need some clear information concerning tradelines

1. Of the accounts that are closed and paid as agreed should any info about high balances, late charges, credit limit or loan amount be listed?

Is there a statute that I quote when writing to the original creditor to correct the tradeline? I used a what if credit score stimulator tool and it showed my score to go up significantly by me changing all dollar amounts in the tradelines of Paid as Agreed accounts to $0.00.

2. Of the accounts that are listed as "Charged Off" or "Transferred" different balances are listed on all three reports so I'll research here how to go about requesting validation with CA after first disputing it with the CRA's. But for future reference in case I have to go another route, shouldn't the tradelines NOT reference any late payments, credit limit, high limit or late payments if the accounts were charged off, transferred or sold to another lender?

I tried to do a search in the forums on this but no luck. So I deeply appreciate any help on this. :-)

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