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already getting wages garnised, another collection agency is calling me

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I tried to pay Siedeman law firm (recommended to me by consumer credit counseling) to settle my debt. They said all the time they couldn't reach me, etc...at times when I tried to contact customer service (when i got threatened with litigation against me from my two credit card banks) etc and then sent a letter saying 'they couldn't help me anymore' ...(they could reach me...when i'd call back they'd say 'sorry--that i was only allowed to talk to litigation dept twice a day, etc'....and they'd never call my alternate number i gave them--or they'd say they never rcd the faxes i sent and had proof the fax had gone through. I worked with them paying them a monthly payment for almost 2 yrs.

so basically after paying for almst 2 yrs...i ended up with no help, bigger debts and being ripped off for 2500 dollars that could've went towards a better debt solution.

anyway, i got sued by both banks and both banks are taking turns garnishing my wages! (not to mention they are adding 10% per year the debt total goes unpaid to the total so my garnishments aren't really doing any good!)

Now I have another 'law firm' calling my house all the time even though I have court papers from both banks stating they are garnishng my wages!

what gives? what can I do?

also, once a bank has started garnishing other than bankruptcy is there any other way to negotiate still with them if my financial situation was to change?

I even had my house signed over to a relative so they couldn't take my house, they threatened to do so. I have nothing in my name.

I have a vehicle that is not in my name though and never was.

How do I get the other 'law firm/collection place' to stop calling and why would they in the 1st place if they both are garnishing my wages, why would they have the right to harass me? also this 'law firm' left a message one evening with my six year old daughter ! and made some harassing comments to my 18 yr old son!

Thanks for any advice!

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also...i forgot to add....siedeman was conveniently unable to give me any answers about going to court when i was summoned. i faxed them all the paperwork, which they kept saying they did not have in time, etc. (faxed multiple times) you must realize by the time it got this far, i'd already been paying siedeman law firm for over a year....then i found out they kept saying i ddn't have enough money built up yet to negotiate a settlement, by which time both banks filed suit.

they told me and i was so scared and upset (very upset and worried by this point) not to go to court, that it was 'just a formality' and that i would not need to appear, that rarely does it end up in a full blown garnishment or law suit. i know now i was being lied to and scammed i think.

this place is in California and was recommended by the consumer credit counselor! geez...anyway, wanted you to know that I knew about the suit just a few weeks before the court date, but got no help from the 'law firm' i was paying to do so.

(my debt was originally 8000 to one bank and 10000 to the other).

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Sounds to me like you may have a malpractice case against Seidelman. Hopefully you kept extremely good records of all your correspondence with them. I have learned the hard way you have to document every phone call, every conversation, everything with your attorney. most of them are crooks.

notagain xxheartxx

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boy, do i feel stupid. Take it from me...do more research. I guess Consumer credit counseling did not! I just found this on the better business bureau page of california web page.


Nothing like ripping off those who are already in the hole.

Of the complaints we have received against this company, in at least some cases, the complaint allegations are very serious. Complainants allege that the company failed to negotiate debts as agreed, that in some cases their debt and late fees continued to compound and that their credit was destroyed. Some stated that the company told them not to speak with or make payments to their creditors or collectors. As a result, a few customers report being sued or threatened with legal action and in at least one case a customer said they filed bankruptcy. The company generally responds to complaints by issuing full or partial refunds and terminating agreements. Generally, the company does not address the specifics of the complainant's allegations.

This company is not licensed to practice law in the State of California. If you believe this company is offering legal services or engaged you in legal services you may complain to the California State Bar at www.calbar.org or call 1-800-843-9053 if within California, and 213-765-1200 for all consumers outside Califonia.

[B]Can anyone answer my question about the collection agency calling me even after I'm already being garnised?


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Are you saying that there is another law firm calling you about the SAME debt for which you are already being garnished? Or is this about another debt?

First of all do you have a copy of your most recent credit reports? If not, you can download a copy of each of the reports from www.freecreditreport.com

You need to know exactly what is showing on your reports.

Do you have a copy of each of the judgments against you? You must have judgments because you are being garnished. Look up your name in the court system, see exactly what judgments are on file and download a copy. (Even if you have to go to the courthouse to get a copy of the entire case you need it for your own records)

Once you have a copy, come back to us so we can help you.

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