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Birthday card from one of my banks


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So I checked my mail last night and one of my banks sent me a birthday card. I didn't even know they had my birth date (Nov. 21st 1985)

Here's what the card said,

Your birthday is a special day

A celebration of you!

It's the perfect time to wish you joy In everything you do

Happy Birthday from the staff of

Colorado East Bank & Trust

This is the first birthday card I have received this year and I appreciate the thought.

I obtained a loan with them through an OC in order to pay a debt.

There was no credit check. The interest rate is 6.25%. The loan is due on the 28th of each month, but there's a ten day grace period. Meaning if I'm nine days late with a payment I'm still OK and it doesn't count as a late. These guys have been so cool!

As far as the birth day card goes, does anyone else bank do that kind of thing for you?

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