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Question on Interrogatories & SS#

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I have a list of Interrogatories, and the first ?? is List your full name, social security number, date of birth, ect

This is in regards to a debt I knew nothing about (believe me if I spent 12K I would remember so I have denied everything and asked for proof.

If I give them my SS# and dob I know they can well change their records to reflect this is my debt, if they have real proof they would already have this info.

There is another woman in town with the same name, and many across the country that I have had to fight to keep off my credit report.

My question is, do I have to give my SS# and DOB, and what is the proper answer to tell them to go fish?


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Compromise and give them the last four - or you could respond by telling them that you would be happy to confirm or deny that the number they have on file is yours, but they need to provide it to you first. They have no real need for it until they're awarded a judgment, but it isn't outside the scope of discovery either. The choice is yours.

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