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Default $13999 DEFICIENCY Judgement Seems High


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My question involves an auto loan or repossession in the State of: Texas

I purchased a 2007 Acura TSX in July of 2007. I made three payments and lost my employment and was unable to pay. I voluntarily surrendered the vehicle as soon as they starting trying to repossess. I was notified that they would be selling my vehicle, and that I could be responsible for balance owed after sale. I was also informed that I had the opportunity to pay full balance before date auctioned off. I didn't know at the time that property in vehicle was still mine.

I believe I purchased the vehicle for around 25K. I was doing some research and came across some information that state the "commercially reasonable manner" of a sale. The fair market value on the vehicle today would be $25,676! Sticking me with $13999 seems a bit excessive, and the collection agency that has it is being absolutely ridiculous. There name is MRS LLC. I dug alot of dirt up on them, but havent yet received the first initial contact letter. I did speak with them by phone and they told me they will not accept payments, and that I have plenty of credit cards that I could put the balance on. They knew this due to pulling my credit I'm certain, and Im not positive that they consider that permissible purpose, but wouldn't be shocked if it were. They want payment in full. One odd thing is that the collection lady told me I made 11 payments on the car and I know I only made 3. I looked at my credit report and TU is reporting that the account was opened in 2003, and Experian is reporting opened in 2007.

Either way, if I do not have the original loan docs, and cannot remember the exact purchase price, how can I find out this info without any risk of them adding extra stuff?

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