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SOL for medical collections in CA


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Dear Members,

Thanks for the advice posted on this forum. I've followed it and have only one major negative item (over $50) left on my credit report.

So, I have an ER bill from 10/03. The amount was approx. $2,600. While I made payments for a couple of months as $100/month, I have not taken any action on this account since 2/04 or thereabouts. Now, according to Good Credit is Sexy, the statute of limitations on any kind of debt in CA is 4 years.

So, being foolish, I picked up the phone and spoke to the collection agency now in charge of the debt. I told them to stop bothering me because the debt is past the statute of limitations. The phone rep. responded that there is no statute of limitations for medical debt in the state of California.

Is this true? In any case, any recommendations on what to do? I do have the money ($1600) they asked to settle the account. If the rep is speaking the truth, ought I settle the debt?

Thanks in advance for the input.


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