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Need Advice Please


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Hi, I am new to this forum but have been working on repairing our credit since July through the Fullfillment Center. I have just sent our 4th letter which encouraged them to not verify but provide proof or we will sue.

Our scores have improved, but not as much as we would like as we are hoping to get a mortage on our paid off house.

I read through Rick Miller's credit dispute letter site on your page and was wondering what your thoughts are on what he is selling. I am looking to give the credit companies and huge turbo burst so they will comply.

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We need a bit more info before advising you.

"...repairing our credit..."

Have you disputed to the CRA's, sent DV to any CA's? What else?

"...not verify but provide proof..."

Depends on who, exactly, you want the 'proof' to come from and what that 'proof' entails...

If you are seeking 'proof' from the CRA's, they will never provide that to a consumer, lawsuit or not. They are only repositories of data provided by their client/subscribers. When a consumer disputes something, the CRA's (electronically) ask the Data Furnisher if what they have already been provided is accurate and then parrot the answer back to you. The CRA's will never involve themselves other than to confer with their DF.

"...what your thoughts are..."

Whatever Rick is selling can probably be found here for free. We would suggest that you read the stickies, use the search function to read previous threads and, in general, educate yourself thoroughly rather than purchasing or hiring someone else.

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