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Final Season of The Shield

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Well, I'm belted in. I missed last Tuesday's episode, but caught it Saturday. Only 3 episodes left.

I have not gone looking for spoiler sites, but I just cannot place who's gonna live, die, go to jail, get elected to higher office, etc. This is all me spitballing.

I'm envisioning something really bad, like a gunfight where Mara catches one to the head. She's pregnant, and The Shield has always been about concluding a season with something really bad.

Someone will have to die. Someone will have to go to jail. And perhaps, someone, either David Acevado or Olivia Murray (the hot blonde fed) will walk away unscathed but be set on a path to be a renegade--Vic Mackay gone, but someone else in his place. Leave with a message that the corruption does not ever end. Very nihilistic. I like it.

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