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Thank You Credit Info Center!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I submitted a modified version of the Goodwill Letter made available here on CIC, to the store I purchased my wife's engagement rings... I missed a payment during our honeymoon of all times... and after submitting the letter, THEY AGREED TO ERASE IT FROM MY REPORTING AGENCIES!!!

Now, I only have ONE bad report on my entire credit history from the past 7 years, if only I could get THAT taken care of, I could be back up to 787 like I was in late 2006!

Thanks Credit Info Center!!! You're my xangelx


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You are welcome!

Although I filed my Goodwill Deletion Letter with the jewelry store where I purchase our engagement/wedding rings back in 2008, I received a formal letter today that said the following... IT'S BEEN AN AWESOME DAY!

Once again, I'd like to thank CIC sincerely for everything they make available for us to educate ourselves, and in turn truly improve our lives and as a result our family's!

The Letter reads...


March 2, 2009

Mr. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx

--- Market St SE

-------, OH -----

RE: Last 4 digits of Account # xxxx

Dear Mr. Xxxx:

Thank you for the inquiry dated October 28, 2008 concerning your Rogers & Hollands Charge Account.

Please be advised that as a courtesy a request was sent November 3, 2008 to the Credit Reporting Agencies listed below to clear your Credit Profile of any delinquency reported by Rogers & Hollands.

Trans Union Credit Reporting Company

Equifax Credit Information Service

If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to call me at 1-800-829-2600, ex 7450.


Tina Rodrigue

Director of Credit


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Cool! I bet that felt great reading that letter! :)

Thanks a lot everyone! :)

What a great email to get... now, all I have is one little pesky collection from an apartment complex that didn't honor my early lease break agreement. I was offered a new job and had the hiring manager from out of state send in the intent to hire and relocate form...

Can anyone offer me or point me in the right direction of assistance to get the ball rolling on finally getting this last monkey off my back so that I can have perfect credit history?

I have been doing a LOT of research on here about disputes as well, and if I can' have this collection and amount due taken off from a legal standpoint I am going to approach it as a dispute over and over, and hopefully get some deletion action once again!!!

Please help :confused:8]:D

Thanks again everyone, for all the kind words and encouragement!!!!!:wink:

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