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Collector responded to my DV 7 months afterwards


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I just got it in the mail today, i was kind of floored. I know they're required to send it in 30 days. I dug out the mail receipt and they got it 3/20/08. Today is 11/12/08.

So i'm wondering how to handle this. For one, i never sent them a cease and desist letter after they didnt respond, i mean...legall it's more of formality anyways, just because you didnt tell them to stop means they can still break the law.

I'm wondering if i can sue them for contacting me after the 30 days was up, even if it is them responding to the debt validation. All they sent me is what looks like an old credit card bill, i'm not even exactly sure what they're required to send.

Or maybe i should just send them a cease and desist letter, saying they're currently violating federal law contacting me, and be done with it.

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