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I started my repair this past January with a credit score of 525. The best credit card that I was able to obtain was Orchard and Legacy Visa. The limits at the time were just $300. Since this past July I have not checked my credit score. My score had climbed to 615 and this is where it gets amazing.

I started to again applying for credit cards in September. I obtained a Hooters for $1000 and Bank of America for $1000. Just last week I applied for a Juniper Visa card and was told online that they needed to gather more info to process the application. Well today I opened my email to find out that I was accepted for this card. Not knowing what the amount was. I created an online username. I could not believe what I saw when I accessed my account. $10,000 credit limit. Just know I checked my credit score for the first time in many months. And am amazed at my score. Its now 701 and climbing.

I want to thank this site for all the help that it has provided. I cleaned up my credit reports and improved my score 180 points in just 10 months.

I'm so excited !!!

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