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I live in florida and am being sued by asset acceptance for a debt from 2003. They had a supeona sent to my house and when i received it they said i needed to respond within 30 day which i did. I think it was like 5 months until i heard from them again and they sent me a discovery package, i responded to the discovery package with a letter stating that i did not have any info to provide them with and i sent one to the judge as well. next i received a letter of a hearing because i did not respond to the discovery, when speaking with the judge he just told me to review the package and he said to answer each question with a response as best as i can. I am really confused as to how to answer these questions and if the sol has ran out. i currently get assistance from the state b/c i am a single mom and i can not afford an attorney. does anyone have any advice? i

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