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Certified Mail not recieved

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I am involved in a lawsuit with asset Acceptance.

I have filed a motion to dismiss based on their inadequate response to an order to compel discovery

I sent the motion to both the attorney and the Clerk of courts CMRRR Nov 4th. However Asset has not received it yet. I have also not had it returned yet either. The only address I have for Asset is a PO Box and all other correspondance has been sent to this PO Box

Motion is to be heard Dec 1st. The court sent them a little card saying that the case is scheduled for motions. What if they don't pick up the mail at the PO Box? Can the case be dismissed and then started again because they say they never got the motion eventhough I have proof I sent it CMRRR and it wasn't returned nor was it signed for???

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Another question

In my other lawsuit with Crap One, I know from the Clerks website that they have filed MSJ against me. I never recieved the motion. I know the copy that they sent the court probably has a certificate of service attached but I never recieved it. All other certificates of service they have sent have stated they use regular US Mail not certified mail. I have a court date on monday.

What should I do? Should I go to the court and get the motion today or play dumb. In a previous motion I filed, they sent me a response to the motion but the judge never recieved their response so there is a history of them not sending all parties the relevant documents.

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