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Why can't i get approved for a used car loan?

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I'm just a little curious is to why i haven't been able to obtain a used car loan? I'm 19 years old, i've had my first credit card for about a year a half now, other accounts that i have are

Platinum Visa($600.00 limit)

Capital One Platinum Visa($750.00 limit)

Best Buy($1200.00 limit)

Dell($1500.00 limit)

WaMu($2000.00 limit)

never missed a payment on any of these accounts......please help??

thanx for reading!

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i guess the only advice i can lend here is that on all rate quotes we get from the banks (usually the 1st and 15th of the month) in the "minimum" requirements for approvals section you always see a line that states "minimum of 2 years in the bureau".

with a 690 score and over 18 months in the bureau though you should be able to go through a credit union. i am not saying you will see near prime rates but you should be able to get approved nonetheless. you could expect a rate somewhere between the 10-16% range i would think.

on all of your open lines, what is your utilization? this could play a key role in the process as well. you may be better off using your grand down to lower utilization. and don't believe the bs about "minimum down payment required". unless you are a sub 580 beacon the only way you need to put money down is if you are paying too much for the ride in the first place.

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