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Shouls I send a DV letter or try and settle?

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I got a letter on the 6th of this month. I think its an arbitration letter not an actual summons as it has not been filed with the courts.

I don't argue the amount, the principal is right then they add intrest and attorney fees. Which i don't want to pay. But anyway..

I know the debt is mine, i called the original creditor who sold it to another, and they said they sold it to the ones collecting now.

It was 3 yrs ago and the SOL is 6yrs. I really have no leg to stand on except if they cannot prove I oew this debt.

Should i call and try and settle? This is with Midland LCC for $2500 what do you think they would be willing to settle on?

I wanted to add the letter already states original creditor, the amounts and what they are for.

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