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District Court Summons

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Ok It seems the papers I received from the attorney for Midland say District Court even though its for less then $2500. I have checked twice with the courts and it has not been filed. It says in DC they send/give you the summons not the courts. But isn't it supposed to be filed? It says i have 20 days to awnser. Or judgement by default will be taken against me.

Shouldn't there be a a court file number on the summons?

What happens after a default judgement? I'm assuimg they try to garnish wages or freeze my account.

I have one more week before the 20 days is up.

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There are some dishonest attorneys out there which will try to scare you into paying by filing out the complaint for court or attempt to extract information from you to see if you can pay.

Make a copy of the summons, the DC judges name is on there. Call the court 1 more time to see if has been filed. If not go immediately over to the DC office with a letter to the judge and a copy of the fake summons and let him/her know whats going on. As an attorney they cannot play games with false documents.

In the event they do sue you, the judge will know the history and the honesty of the attorney is in jeopardy with the DC judge. Besides that Midland is a JDB and anything they say in court is heresay unless they have a solid paper trail.

I think they are trying to get you to confess to them and then sue you in court with your answers to the bogus complaint.

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Where do I find the name of the judge? The only names I see are

Messerli & Kramer PA with a list of names below and numbers next to each name. Then address and phone number. But thats not the judge thats the attorney right? The check marked one of the names.

I did call about legal aid and I meet with someone tommorrow. Thanks

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