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Got caught this morning

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So I'm riding to work and Sugarland's "Down in Mississippi" comes on the radio. My little girl likes it too so I turn it up and we start singing and dancing. It's like American Idol in my car non-stop so of course sometimes I get laughed at. I pull up to a red light and there's this little boy riding with his mom or whoever too and he looks and me and starts mocking me! :lol: He starts pretending to sing and swaying like I apparently was. I just start laughing because he's a little kid and it's cute. My daughter was like, "Mommy that boy is jamming like we are!" I just agreed with her.....she's too young to have to learn what being made fun of is yet. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Ya know it didn't stop our party though! :p

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My son and I do the same thing in the car sometimes too. It's sad that there are kids that don't know how to be entertained in a car and learn that young how to make fun of people.

He's going to be 4 in March and recently we had to buy him his own Rock guitar. Every time we play Guitar Hero he fights with us that he wants to play too. So, we got him a guitar that plays songs when you hit the chords and he'll just stand there bobbing his head to the music. lol. He looks so cute when he does that. :D

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