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i did it!


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first a big thank you to every body here.

i got rid of all the assets, lvnv, midland,all my lates,co, everything bad from my reports.

i couldnt have ever done it with out ALL OF YOU.i didnt post much but i read read and read every day the whole site for months and months.

a year and a half ago my fico scores were EXP 511 EQ 532 TU 566

today there EXP 715 EQ 727 TU 734

the only bad thing left is a paid verizon collection showing on EXP & EQ i havent gave up on that one though i will win this one to.all in all a year and a half ago between the 3 reports i had about 30 negs and 4 pos tradelines now i have 50 pos and 2 neg tradelines.

thank you all so much for all the help. and to the new people dont give up if you read everthing you need is here just read and dont give up.

thank you all again nechickxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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That's awesome congrats!

I am slowly getting my baddies off of my reports...I am firing off another round of dispute letters today to the CRA's. I've been on this site now for a little over 1 year and the information here has been wonderful. I ahve seen my credit score go up since then as well. Thank you to everyone contributing here.

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