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Cardmember agreement?

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I was just reading the cardmember agreement that was photo copied and attcahed to my summons.

It says I would agree to pay a $29 over the limit fee and $29 late fee. I looked at my statements and they were charging me $35 for each of these.

Which of course when i stoped paying got added on each much.

Does this mean anything?

I for some reason don't have the agreement (if any) that came with my CC.

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You have a right to request a copy of the original credit card agreement. Probably what they attached to the papers you were served with was a later "agreement." But as the previous poster said, they do change the terms whenever they like. Provided, however, that they have to give you notice of the change of terms. If you keep using the card after they have given you notice, they are going to argue that you accepted those changes.

What constitutes adequate or fair notice of a change of terms is another matter.

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