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Debt validation was requested & nothing happened

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I'm new here so I hope this is the right forum for this. Back in May I recd a letter from an attorney on Behaf of Arrow Financial to collect a debt they said I owed. I do not know this debt & sent a certified letter to the attorney requesting further information etc. I never heard back from the attorney or Arrow Fincl, 2 weeks ago I recd a call from Redline Recovery on behalf of Arrow Fincl regarding the same debt. It almost looks like they didn't get anywhere where the first collection place so they went to another, could that be right? I have been trying to verify with Redline this debt they say I owe but they have no other info then where it is currently. I guess my wuestion is can I/Should I send another letter to Redline & Arrow requesting debt validation .

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks for the help!

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Yep. This is standard procedure. An owner of the debt sends it to CA#1. If they can't get you to cough up money...and they don't want to try any harder, they send it back to the owner. The owner then trys another CA.

So...yes...DV the second CA. (You may have to deal with several in turn).

Note that I said "owner of the debt". Asset is a "junk debt buyer". If you did default on something (like a credit card), the original creditor (OC) would have written it off their books and sold the right to hassle you to the JDB. The JDB then hires CAs to do the hassling.

If Asset is reporting this "alleged" debt on your credit reports, you might also send them a letter stating "hey, I found you on my reports...I never had an account with you people...prove to me otherwise, or go pound sand".

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This has happened to me as well. I send another DV letter to the CA until I get my request.

Another CA comes along...and a trail begins to happen.

Just continue with the letters and maybe some good will come out of it (it happened to be me before) :) Good luck!

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