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Help! Hearing for Summary Judgement tomorrow..

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I have a scheduled hearing tomorrow for a summary judgement in my foreclosure case. Last week I filed a Legal Request for the plaintiff to produce the original note, as the plaintiff is not the original mortgage writer or servicer (Countrywide) and states in paperwork that note has been lost http://www.consumerwarningnetwork.com/2008/06/19/produce-the-note-how-to/. I also filed a Motion for Continuance, but the plaintiff's attorney has not responded to my telephone or e-mail requests to reschedule, so I guess I need to show up in court. :(

Question - what do I say when I get there? What can I expect to happen at this hearing? Also, the is a class action judgement against Countrywide for fraudulent practices and for which I have already been in contact with Countrywide to try to rewrite my loan. They are supposed to be compelled to renegotiate according to this settlement, or if that's impossible to provide relocation assistance if foreclosure cannot be prevented. Do I bring this up tomorrow??

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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