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Old Cc Bank Out Of Pic New Bank Creating Problem


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2 years ago year 2006 I had A Providian credit card.I paid the CC april 2006 and closed the account. I knew there were no late payments.

I called the providian bank and ask them the total due .they gave me a total amount numbers which I paid and closed the accout.After like three months they send me an statement that I still owe them money like $39 they said it was some left over interest.so i paid tthat too.

Later WAMU BANK bought or merged to PROVIDIAN BANK .They started reporting it to my credit report late as aug 2005/jan2006/jun2006 even though it was paid before they merge and they are putting the name of WAHSMTL/PROVIDIAN.I already have disputed with credit bureas and washmtl bank they verified accurate.

Now my question is since I never had any account with Washmtl

and Providian is gone.Can Washmtl still report this account late in this situation.

I disputed it with Washmtl they send me a letter stating account verified as accurate

what should i do next ?

any opinion in this situation?

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