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TU Falsely Verifies 3x...Now what?


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Background- mid 8/08, I send a dispute to TU re a CA. Here were the grounds for my dispute-

1. It is reported as an open account, which is false. Please correct or remove this.

2. The Date of First Delinquency with the original creditor is not provided. Please provide this.

3. The Date of First Major Delinquency with the original creditor is not provided. Please provide this.

4. The estimated date of removal for the collection agency does not match the date that the original creditor reports. The original creditor is reporting 9/2010. Please correct or remove this.

5. The end of the 7 year reporting period should be listed as 9/2010 and not 2/2011. Please correct or remove this.

TUs 9/08 response to my first jack attack was verified, no change. However, the ‘date verified’ was listed as 5/08, and since my dispute was not until 8/08, clearly TU did NOT make any effort to verify.

So I dispute again w/TU in 9/08 and I tell them they should delete the CA b/c clearly they failed to verify in 30 days since the date verified was 5/08.

TUs response to my 2nd dispute was verified, no change. AGAIN, the date verified was listed as 5/08, so clearly they did NOT verify at all.

So I write TU a THIRD time and I point out the CA should be deleted b/c duh, theyve been given TWO chances (now 3) to verify and they never did.

So TU responds today w/ verified, no change BUT the date verified is NOW 11/08.

Now what can I do to get the CA OFF my reports since clearly TU did NOT verify the first 2 times? Oh yes, the kicker in all of this is the CA has ILLEGALLY REAGED the account by a good 6 MONTHSand TU verified this reaging.



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This board has lots of great info about how to go about attacking things, in order of course.

Did you DV the CA within 30 days , not DV the CA at all (outside of 30 days they don't have to hurry, if at all) or DV the CA outside of 30 days? This will help your case when you are ready for sending a ITS letter (intent to sue)

Also, did you send a 623 letter to the OC? If no, what the heck, more ammo

Remember, this board has great info on proceedure (specific step by step) in the links above and in the Sticky section listed above

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