What do I do next? Already DV -Arrow & LVNV

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I sent a DV to both Arrow Financial & LVNV in Sept. I never rec'd a validation response. I sent a follow-up letter in Oct. Still nothing rec'd or updated on my CR. I recently sent a letter to CB. What is the next step if the CB doesn't respond or remove these items from my CR? Still within SOL.

Also, rec'd a letter in Oct. from VCS (Viking Collection Service) showing OC is Resurgent Capital. I sent a DV. Just recently LVNV (affiliated w/Resurgent) reported on my CB for the same account (no letter ever rec'd from them). What do I do? How do I DV without receiving a letter from them?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I can only answer part of your question. You may indeed DV a CA that has never sent you a letter.

Also, if you didn't get a letter, their "initial communication" with you was when you found them on your credit report. If you don't receive the FDCPA required letter from them within 5 days of reading your credit report, you already have them on one violation.

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