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It's Wednesday (deadline For Secret Santa)

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I've only gotten 11 PMs.... and I know that some of you that want to participate haven't sent me one... so come on... I've got things to do too and waiting around for you all really isn't one of them. The deadline to send your PMs was 8 minutes ago.. but I'll hold off for awhile...

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I've only received 10 PMs-so only 10 participants.

I *DO NOT* have you information from last year- I don't believe that keeping your personal information is right so I deleted it all after we were done last year. This is why you MUST resend me your information, via PM.

I'll wait until later this afternoon-But I can't drag this out beyond that.

I'm really disappointed that so many people said they wanted to participate but have not sent their information in. Oh well... as they say-you snooze you loose! 8-)

Here are the participants so far:

Mariner Shadowkeeper whocares cavazos007 chele444 Jason Fairy Enchantress Americkaner83 isislc deannatx

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