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debt validation time?


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I have been fighting with a debt collector for some time now.

I received a letter from them in August. I DV'ed them within a week. I have not heard anything from them until yesterday, November 24th, 2008. 3 months after I DV'ed them. It looks like they are claiming I agreed to arbritration.

In my dv request I disputed the whole debt. I asked for proof that they own the debt or has been assigned the debt.

I also requested documents with the name and address of the collection agency, the amount of the debt, stating the original debt and breackdown of other costs or interest, the name of creditor to whom the debt is owed and a copy of the signed loan agreement or credit application.

I also asked to include the document that proves that I am party to arbitration claim.

These are computer generated documents with an amount and name of the alledged creditor, interesting thing is at the bottom where it has a place for the orginal creditor there is no name.

Questions, is there a time frame for validations? I thought it was 30 days.

Are they now in violation of the fdcpa. I believe they are because they are trying to collect on a debt without proper validation.

I am thinking of sending them a C & D letter.


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Re; time frame. You have 30 days from "first contact" to request validation. They can take as long as they like, as long as the debt is marked "in dispute" on your reports.

As to validation, they pretty much sent you what the actual FDCPA requires. You say they identified an "alledged creditor", but didn't mention the OC. Who is that?

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