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I think I'm getting the Shaft --Providian


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Working on my credit and learning how to trace OC to CA's by looking at my reports. Here is my beef.

I opened an acccount with Washington/Mutual Providian on 10/2002 and the date of last activity was 06/2005. Never late, no DOFD, tradelines are perfect, and no updates since 05/2005. The balance and amount past due are both $0.

In 08/2005 SST Columbus Bank & Trust pinged me with 30 days late and eventually CO'd me in 03/2006. Acount balance of $609 with a DOFD of 07/2005.

Now TRS CIGPF1CORP has this as a collection account with DOFD of 03/2006.

My questions and concerns:

1.) Although I don't have any papaer work to proove it, I am pretty confident that once I paid off Providian and the change took place to SST/Columbus that I did not make any charges to the new SST card.

2.) Are the DOFD dates listed a bit out of whack....the SST DOFD is 07/2005 and the major is 02/2006. TRS is reporting their DOFD and 03/2006. They are one month off. The account was first late in 08/2005 which would make the DOFD 02/2006.

I am getting ready to dispute with the CRA's about the different DOFD's(the major deliquency date should be 02/06 as it is stated with Experian and SST Columbus...TRS has it as 03/2006. In addition I will dispute that this debt is not mine.

I will also DV TRS to see what info they have.

Can anyone else give some some ideas.

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Ok, enough question asking, it is time send something.

Here is what I composed. Please feel free to give me any advice but. There are more negatives on my CR...but I am tackling these first.

December 3, 2008

To whom it may concern:



Address 1:


Address 2:

I've just reviewed my Equifax credit report and have noticed there are several inaccurate items on my report:


This is not my account.


It looks like SST/Columbus Bank & Trust sold or transferred this account to TRSCIGPF1CORP. Once again this is not my account.

Bailey Banks & Biddle/HSB: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

My trade line shows a 30 day late on Nov 2004. I was not late that month.


This is not my account.

Please remove these negative items completely from my Equifax credit report.

I have enclosed a copy of my driver's license as proof of identity.


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Take the drivers license and copy it to the actual stationary you are going to use. You don't want them coming back at you with the need for proof of idenity thing.

The letter is to the point. I would say send it, but you might want to wait for more leaned opinions.


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You may wish to rethink your dispute reasons. "Not mine' typically results in verification. That can make the process more difficult as you go along. From your OP, it sounds like you have multiple issues in the TL(s). Pick one per each dispute. You're not aiming for a correction, but for a failure to respond (which results in suppression.

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