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Ohio Personal Income Tax

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My step father, which lives in Kentucky and has for nearly 15 years, has a past due Ohio personal income tax from 1990. Recently he received a letter from an attorney representing the Attorney General of Ohio for collection of the tax. He is disable and has been for 7 years and drawing social security. With all the interest and penalties it has ballooned from appox 2000 to 5000 and there is no way he can afford to pay this with his disability check. He also has no assets. The law firm is threatening to sue. The letter had the 30 day notice to dispute and we sent off a letter and we received back a print out of the Ohio tax department's website with the information. One other thing his first wife is also listed on the tax papers but she passed away in 1995. What should be his next course of action? Should we write a letter explaining his situation and ask for the tax debt to be forgiven? Can they sue and garnish his disability check for a state income tax debt, I know they can with Federal but can a state do it? Is there any SOL on personal income tax collection in Ohio.

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