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I have been helping my son with his credit report and have a question on how to dispute GEMB/Lowes.Here are the discrepencies

1.Date closed,Experian not listed,Transunion 1/2007, and Equifax 5/2007.

2high balance Experian $542, Transunion $262.

3.To stay on record until Experian, 9/2013, Transunion, 5/2011.

4Deliquency dates are different on all three reports.

Experisn Equifax Transunion

February2006 OK 30

May 2006 OK 30

June 2006 OK 60

July 2006 OK 90

August 2006 OK 30 120

September 2006 30 120

October 2006 OK 120

November 2006 OK 30

December 2006 30 60

January 2007 60 90

February 20007 90 120

March 2007 120 150

April 2007 60 90

With this many errors should We dispute with all three credit bureaus to have account deleted or directly with GEMB/Lowes and ask them to delete account on all three credit reports

based on all the errors over two years.

Also this account is paid in full for less than the full amount.

Thanks Rocco

The lates didn't come out like I listed them but you get the idea.

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