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CA Is Showing as Hard Pull on all 3 CRA


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Once again I am coming back for more guidance from very knowlegdable people. You have helped me clean my CR's up very nice over the past few years. So now I have another problem.

Like I said, cleaned the reports up nice after BK 7 in Feb 2003. Going along building credit and scores. Just got over the 700 mark !! :-)

Pulled my FICO's the other day to monitor the score and WHAMO ! All 3 scores dropped to Mid 600's. An old hospital bill (this happened May 03 after the BK)appeared because it was purchased by a new CA being listed by SENEX SERVICES. WOW !!! I also noticed that there were "hard hits" on all 3 CRA's.

I have not asked Senex for anything yet. I was reading in this forum that it is now illegal for a CA to do a "hard pull" and illegal for the CRA to allow it due to the transaction NOT being an "authorized credit transaction by me".

Please give your professional input. thanks. :confused:

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