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Jerry Jones is apparently tougher than Marion Barber


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I thought some of you sports fans might find this interesting! I don't know the first thing about a pink toe injury but Jerry Jones should not have said this these things publicly. I would not be surprised now if Barber leaves............


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I agree with a lot of the comments posted at the blog. Parcells was such a damaging nightmare for your team, and the new ownership seems to be a mess, too.

I think a lot of these franchises' owners are the real problem. Like Al Davis. The guy needs to go to a rest home or maybe a mental home and leave his poor team alone. I felt so sorry for Lane Kiffin.

I truly believe that the Rooney family has as much to do w/ the Steelers' successes over the years than any coach or player(s) combined. These teams need stability in leadership, right up to the top.

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Totally agree Les! One blogger commented about how Jason Witten plays with broken ribs and I agree Witten is a tough a$$, (he's my favorite player), but Marion uses his feet and legs so much when he just pushes his way through the line. Ever noticed how he takes off with such great force? How hard would that be with a broken toe? Probably pretty hard. Pinky or not. Like I said, I'm not an injury expert, maybe he could have played. But I still think JJ should have not made his feeling public. Bad for the team morale.

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jerry jones is bad for football.

he perpetuates the stereotype of a dumb arkansas hillbilly, albeit a rich one.

i have been embarrassed to admit i'm a cowboys fan ever since he took over the team. when tex schramm and tom landry were running the show, the team had class. the worst you heard was when lance rentzel exposed himself to a little girl. he was immediately shunned by the whole team and traded.

now, the owner has no self discipline, so neither does the rest of the team.

no discipline = no class.

if he's going to badmouth his players and coaches, let him put on the coach's hat and get booed after a 1-15 season!

what a maroon.:cool:

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