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Brachfeld & Associates DV letter do I need to send it to 2 offices?

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Brachfeld & Associates first contacted me on Oct 28 and did not send me a written notice. Every time they called I stated that I am still waiting for a written notice they claim that I throw my mail away. I eventually gave them a fax number to fax the written notice to me. They didn't. I sent a DV with the request not to call to Brachfeld and have the signed receipt in my possession. Today Brachfeld called and I told them not to call me I have sent written notice not to call and have the signed receipt in my possession he asked where I sent it to, I told him California. He said he is in Houston, Texas. He finally sent me a fax today and the letter head says Brachfeld & Associates. Ironically it says that I have agreed to settle the account, which in no way I agreed to do so because they have the account balance higher than what it should be. My question is, do I also need to send a DV to the Houston office? Can I file suit against Brachfeld for sending a written notice or for continuing to call after I told them not to. These people are really starting to get on my nerves. I really want to do a pre-emptive strike against them but my gut says to wait and counter sue if they sue me.

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