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The 7 year clock ticks from the point the account went delinquent and stayed delinquent. Before I found this site, I was under the impression that it was from the date of last activity. You could imagine my despair of thinking that everytime an account was sold I would have to wait 7 more years and hope no one else bought it.

I have learned so very much here. My friends are amazed at what I know about the FDCPA and FCRA, and what is possible with a little knowledge. Being an Engineer, I must become an expert at any hobby I try to tackle. That holds true for my credit repair hobby as well.

My Loan Officer working on my mortgage, advised that I would have to pay a tax lein that was on my EQ report. I told her ""no problem, I'll just have it removed". She said "Yeah, right, whatever you say". She called a week and a half later to ask if I'd taken care of it. I told her that I did and that it was gone. "Can you send me the release from the courthouse showing you paid it", she asked. I replied 'll find it gone. Works for her. Still on track to close on the 31st.

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